The 91̽app is the third-largest English school board in Québec. Its territory comprises the administrative regions of Laval, Lanaudière, and the Laurentides, spanning over 35,000 square kilometres. The student population is over 14,000 students, attending classes in 26 elementary schools, 9 high schools and 4 Adult Education and Vocational Training centres. The school board also offers business training services (service aux entreprises).

Elementary Sector

All of our Elementary schools offer full-day kindergarten programs in English or French Immersion. Cycles one, two and three English programs include a minimum of 300 minutes per week of French as a Second Language. Other subjects are usually offered in English. In the French Immersion program, a majority of the subjects are taught in French; in kindergarten, children spend 100% of their time in French. English-language instruction is introduced gradually starting in cycle one, to reach a maximum of 40% in cycle three (grades 5 and 6). All of our schools benefit from the services of resource teachers or aid to regular classroom teachers, who support students experiencing learning or adaptation difficulties.

Secondary Sector

All of our Secondary schools provide an academic program of courses prescribed by the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, leading to a Secondary School Diploma. In the Immersion Program at the high school level, French is the language of instruction in a number of subjects which vary from school to school. Français, langue d’enseignement, is the same language course that is taught to students in French schools as prescribed by the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec. The 91̽app offers programs to assist students experiencing difficulty in school to develop the skills that are required to enter the workforce or continue their studies.

Adult Education and Vocational Sector

All adults possess the right to lifelong learning. We ensure this objective by providing continuing education to all the adult population in Laval and surrounding regions. Our quality services and programs are based on the ever-present needs of our multicultural clientele. The priorities are to provide academic, language, social and vocational skills to all adults in preparation for further education or gainful employment. Facilitating the transition from learner to autonomous citizens contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of their community is paramount to adult learning. We pride ourselves in our bilingual educational organization.