The Preschool Cycle Program is for children who attend kindergarten for 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds.

Full-time Kindergarten for 4 year-olds

Are you considering sending your child to Kindergarten for 4 year-olds? Take a look at this video.

To register your child in the preschool cycle program, please contact the elementary school you are zoned for. If you don’t know which school you are zoned for,

As spaces may be limited in some of our elementary schools, registrations will be taken on a first-come first serve basis while respecting the enrolment priority order outlined in the SWL Enrolment Criteria policy.

Important information

  • To open a Kindergarten for 4 year-olds(K4) class in a school, there must be a minimum of 6 eligible students.
  • Some schools have limited space for K4.
  • Average class size is 14 students.
  • Maximum class size is 17 students.
  • Your child must be 4 years old by September 30 (no derogation possible for K4).

Kindergarten for 4 year-olds Program Curriculum

The intent of the K4 program is to provide children and their families with the opportunity to learn about school culture and to establish from the onset, a positive, healthy relationship with the school community. It is mainly by having children experience success as early as preschool that the school plays a positive role in their developmental progress.

The preschool cycle program focuses on the development of the whole child. Children in K4 learn through a play-based environment; whether it is initiated by themselves or by an adult. The following five areas of development are targeted:

  • Physical and motor development.
  • Emotional development.
  • Social development.
  • Oral language and literacy development.
  • Cognitive development and numeracy.

Each competency is recognized as having equal importance. As children enter this program, it is understood that each child’s learning background is unique depending on what was acquired at home plus the range of skills they have obtained. As a result, the aim of the program is to build on the child’s strengths by providing the child with rich, age-appropriate learning experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact your zoned school should you have any further questions regarding the Kindergarten for 4 year-olds program.


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